Patricia Rubio (Madrid, Spain) lives and works in San Francisco as a visual artist and freelance designer. Patricia’s work focuses on geometrical structures and the relationship between shape, color and composition. Patricia creates her geometrical constructions as a way to organize thoughts and memories into spaces that are hypnotic and inviting. Each composition is a meditation on how shapes fit into and around one to another to form new mass. The shapes are full of potential and invite the viewer to reconstruct that potential on their own. Her work is bright, colorful and joyous.

She received her B.F.A. in Fine Arts from the University Complutense of Madrid in 2009. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and USA.



My work is based on color, composition, and balance, I have always compared it to how we construct our thoughts. 

Our thoughts are transformed into shapes, a whole world of imaginary geometric constructions and color compositions.

The balance and connection between shades, the unreal symmetries, and the stacking figures are similar to how we construct thoughts and associate ideas inside our mind. And also how we construct our memories and navigate through them. 

Through all this simple and more complex compositions I explore my memory and personal situations, recreating connections between visual and emotional memories and spaces.

Paintings are intentionally handmade to show its own unreal nature of impossible perspectives and humanity.

The painting acts as a tool to help us organize ideas. It invites you to connect with the part of your being that is not served by speech.

In this visual realignment on the canvas, the paintings get a meaning.